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  • Connect you to the nearest Hospital
  • Connect you to the nearest Ambulance Service.
  • Speak to a doctor in an emergency
  • Emergency Health Insurance

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Offline? Dial *555#

To Connect to the Nearest Hospital.


We aimed to reduce the determinant of hospital distance associated with mortality.


Air or road ambulance service.


Get the best help in an emergency situation.


Dail *555# for prompt response.


Search for help.


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About Us


Our Goal

MERS has the goal offerring an impecable all round the clock emergency services to people at risk with maximaum satisfaction, less stress and affordable payment. We aim at achieving a world class professional service rendering at various location of interest with the edge of saving life.


Mission Statement

To deliver the best, fastest, most referenced and easily accessed emergency network, working towards saving every life involved


Our Strength

We draw on the wealth of medical practitioners to provide you with paid online medical emergency tips. You can watch and listen to audio and video interviews from our medical practitioners in some life changing emergency tips.

Our Packages

Take charge of your health today with our specially health packages

Basic Free package


  • Connect to nearest hospital
  • Check your symptom in an emergency situation
  • Connect with nearest ambulance service
  • Speak to a qualified health practitioner
  • Yearly Health Screening

Basic Fit 1 Package

10,000 / yearly

  • Connect to nearest hospital
  • Check your symptom in an emergency situation
  • Connect with nearest ambulance service
  • Speak to a qualified health practitioner in an emergency situation
  • Yearly Health Screening
  • Medical consultations
  • Emergency preparedness courses
  • Health Insurance Package

Our partner

Emergency on MERS Website/ App means an emergency issues related to health
Accident Victims.
Pregnant women in labor.
Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest
Head injury
Fire Outbreak
MERS Website/App helps you in finding;
Nearest ambulance service to you
Nearest hospitals
Provide the service of you speaking to a doctor in cases of fatial accident.

We have teamed up with thousands of multispecialty hospitals across Lagos. When ambulance driver services during emergency, Then the information about nearest hospital is provided in the smart phone of driver through our database. You can also see a hospital nearest to you using Sci-med App on your smartphone.

MERS ambulance network is currently operational in Lagos.

Ambulances arrival time depends on the distance of nearest ambulance from patient current location.

Yes, you can book an ambulance via MERS website/app by using Book an ambulance feature available at the home page of Sci-med app.

Customer /Patient can book an ambulance by following the below mentioned process:
Step 1: Click book an ambulance button available on the home page of Sci-med app
Step 2: Read the popup message and click OK
Step 3: Type your pick up & drop location
Step 4: Select the request type/ reason for ambulance booking.
Step 5: Select services.
Step 6:Choose ambulance type & Step 7: Click “Proceed”
Step 8: Select required additional services to confirm booking.

Customer can book ambulance by MERS Webiste/App using Book an ambulance feature. They can also dial Scimed call center number 090999 to book an ambulance

Ambulance seating Capacity
Size/Type ALS BLS
Large 4 5
Medium N/A 3
Small N/A 2
*Excluding one patient ,one driver & one helper/additional driver

MERS app during installation request to access mobile GPS location. If customer allows, the Sci-med app will take current mobile GPS location.

The road accident insurance is an exclusive plan available only for Medical Emergency Response Service Member. It covers below expenses which other insurance policy doesn’t cover
It provides inpatient hospital expenses up for member.
Ambulance costs at a minimum cost
It covers outpatient benefit up to minimum cost

Sorry! We don’t have detailed/specific information about other insurance plan, please contact the concerned insurance company for the same. But most insurance plan does cover ambulance expenses upto minimum cost

It will be available in the Insurance icon which is located in the home screen of the MERS Webiste/ App.

You will see live chat on MERS app home page
Click on live chat.

Contact us

Contact Info

119, Apapa Road, Off Costain, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria.


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